27 Des 2017

Download Latihan Soal US Bahasa Inggris Wajib SMA Kurikulum 2013

Download soal US Bahasa Inggris Wajib Kurikulum 2013 SMA - Semangat pagi adik-adik pelajar Indonesia. Semangat belajarnya ya!!!. Mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris merupakan matapelajaran yang tidak semua pelajar bisa menguasainya. Buktinya salah satu kru www.abdinegara.web.id ada yang gagap english lho... (alias bisa dikit-dikit).

Adik-adik sekalian pasti tahu kan jika di Kurikulum 2013 Mapel Bahasa Inggris ada dua macam, yaitu Bahasa Inggris Wajib sama Bahasa Inggris Tasmin (Lintas Minat). Nah kali ini kami ingin membagikan file contoh soal US Bahasa Inggris Wajib untuk tingkat SMA (Sekolah Menengah Atas) soal ini juga bisa dijadikan sebagai bahan latihan untuk soal-soal USBN Bahasa Inggris Wajib yang mana sejak tahun 2018 sudah dimasukkan dalam USBN.

File berkas soal Bahasa Inggris Wajib yang kami bagikan ini berupa file microsoft word. Jadi nanti bisa adik-adik print lalu dikerjakan ya!!! Bagi bapak ibu guru yang ingin mencari referensi soal untuk ulangan anak didiknya file berkas ini bisa dijadikan bahan pertimbangan.

Naah... adik-adik pelajar sekalian jika ingin mendapatkan file soal US Bahasa Inggris Wajib Kurikulum 2013 SMA dapat di download pada tautan link download yang terdapat pada bagian bawah artikel ini. (Baca : Cara download di www.abdinegara.web.id - biar gak bingung ya...).

Berikut ini beberapa cuplikan soal US Bahasa Inggris Wajib yang kami bagikan pada adik-adik pelajar Indonesia sekalian. Ceck it out...

Cuplikan Soal US Bahasa Inggris Wajib

Text  Two:
Waves are beautiful to look at, but they can destroy ships at sea, as well as houses and buildings near the shore. What causes waves ? Most waves are caused by winds blowings over the surface of the water. The sun heats the earth, causing the air to raise the wind to blow. The wind  blows across the sea, pushing little waves into bigger  bigger ones.

The size of the waves depends on how strong the wind is, and how large the body of water is. In a small bay, big waves will never buid up. But at  the wind can build up giant, powerful waves.

A rule says that the heigh 0f a wave ( in meters) will usually be more than one-tenth of the wind speed ( in kilo meters). In other words, when the wind is blowing at 120 kilometers per hours, most waves willbe about twelve meters. Of course, some waves may combine to form giant waves that are much higher. In 1993 the united States Navy reported the largest measured wave in history. It rose in the Pacific Ocean to a height of thirty-four meters.

6. What does the text tell us about ?
A. An explanation how a wave of a height of thirty – four meters happened
B. An explanation wind is blowing over the surface of the water.
C. An explanation how wind is blowing at 120 kilometers per hour
D. An explanation how and why waves come to existence
E. A description about how beatiful the waves are

7. What is the purpose of the writer in presenting the text ?
A. To explain how to measure the height of waves
B. To expalain how 120 km/hour will happen
C. To explain how a beautiful waves happens
D. To explain how bigger waves are formed
E. To explain how waves happen

8. “ The size of the waves depends on how strong the wind is, how long it blows, and how large the body of water is.” The bold typed word can be replaced with... .
A. Restore
B. Rely on
C. Explicate
D. Enlighten
E. Elucidate 

9. Sometimes bigger waves are formed... .
A. When winds blow across the sea
B. When the sun heats the surface of water
C. When smaller waves come together
D. When smaller waves destroy ships
E. Winds blow over the surface of water

10. What is the type of the text above ?
A. Explanation
B. Description
C. Analitycal Exposition
D. Discussion
E. Review

Text Eight
27. The letter is about… .
A. New customer welcome
B. Discounts offered about services provided
C. A description about services provided
D. Information on prices of new products
E. An appeal to a new customer to buy the company’s products

28. Beside sending the letter, the company also attached... . To its customers.
A. Catalogs and price lists
B. Products and price lists
C. Incentives and products
D. Merchandise and catalogs
E. Merchandise and lists

29. “I do hope you will afford us the opportunity  to serve you in the near future.” ( Par 4). The sentence means... .
A. I will send the products soon
B. I hope you enjoy having our product
C. I give you a chance to join the company
D. I give you discount if you buy our product
E. I hope we could give you the best service soon

40. Arrange the following sentences into a good text !
1. Sift  flour  and baking powder, then add half to butter mixture with half the yoghurt, beat until just combined. Repeat with remaining flour and yoghurt.
2. Preheat oven to 180 C. Place cupcake papers in a 12-hole muffin tray.
3. Spoon into cupcake papers(an ice cream scoop is perfect for this) and bake for 25 – 30 minutes until a skewer inserted into the middle of a cupcake comes out clean.
4. Beat butter and sugar for 2-3 minutes until pale in colour and creamy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well between each addition. Beat in the zest and juice.
5. Transfer to wire racks and allow to cool completely.
6. Spread icing on cakes and top each with a frozen raspberry. As the raspberries defrost, lovely rivers of pink juice work their way down the icing.
7. To make icing, combine icing sugar with enough lemon juice to make a spreadable paste.
A. 2-4-1-3-5-7-6
B. 2-3-4-5-1-6-7
C. 2-5-7-1-6-3-4
D. 2-6-1-3-4-7-5
E. 2-4-6-7-1-3-5

Text Twelve
41. .... .
A. wake up 
B. woke up
C. waking up
D. am waking up
E. get up 

42. .... .
A. slowly
B. carefully
C. rarely
D. hurriedly
E. terribly

43. .... .
A. caught
B. missed
C. enjoyed
D. relieved
E. chased

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